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Dutch Language course
Nederlands: English
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Our language courses.
Our Dutch courses are for au pairs, expats and 'the new Dutch'.
Our language courses are a bit different comparing to other courses. We teach you to communicate in a other language; meaning that speaking and listening are the main goals that we aim on.

The maximum total of our groups is only eight students. This to guarantee care and attention to each student. The course is based on daily subjects so that everybody can relate on the subjects. In the last lesson you will make a test. Here you prove the thinks you have learned. When you pass you will receive a certificate of participation.

The teacher will save your test. He also will make a personal description about every student. The documents will be archived. You can put this course on your Curriculum Vitea and ad the teachers name to it. When he is asked about your skills he will use the documents to give an explanation

The course is €195,- for 10 lessons, including material and tea/ coffee.

General information for au pairs.
When an au pair is in the Netherlands for more than half a year, she can apply for a langauge course. Her hostfamily must give her the oppertunity to follow a language course. The host family must pay a maximum of €230,- for the language course.


Coming up
Dutch course AU PAIRS
The 19th of April.
Location; Breukelen.
Time; 20.00 - 21.00.
Dutch course EXPATS
The 15th of May.
Location; Haarlem.
Time; 19.30 21.00.
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